Mariah Carey NOT Having “Breakdown,” Despite OK! Report

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Mariah Carey Breakdown

By Daniel Gates |

Mariah Carey Breakdown

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Mariah Carey is NOT “headed for a breakdown,” despite an OK! report claiming the singer is hitting “low after low” and could land in a “psychiatric facility.” Gossip Cop can bust the story, which declares, “Fears are mounting for the fragile singer.”

A so-called source tells the tabloid, “Mariah is panicking. She’s terrified she won’t live up to the hype that comes with headlining a show at Caesars Palace. Her behavior is completely unstable and her family is afraid that her 2001 psychotic episode could repeat itself.”

As evidence of this supposed looming meltdown, OK! refers to Carey’s divorce from Nick Cannon and a couple of underwhelming live performances in recent months. It manages to turn her vocal troubles into a drug addiction story, alleging that Carey has been consuming an incredible amount of cough syrup in a “desperate bid to keep her vocal cords intact.”

“Her team was against it, but Mariah insisted on getting a prescription for cough syrup. She immediately went through the bottle and asked to get more, claiming she’d lost her prescription,” explains the OK! insider. The magazine then cites allegations that Carey “drinks day and night, guzzling wine and champagne out of a ginger ale can and ordering her assistants to carry backpacks filled with booze in case she needs a refill.”

All of it is leading to major trouble, says the outlet. Another source tells OK!, “She’s still devastated about losing Nick and now that she’s realizing her voice is gone too, she’s losing control. Those closest to her are seriously considering staging an intervention, before there’s a repeat of what happened in 2001 — or worse.”

Please keep in mind: OK! is the same outlet that claimed, almost a year ago, that Britney Spears was headed for a “breakdown” because she dyed her hair brown without her father’s permission. How did that prediction go? OK! may pretend to be concerned about Carey’s welfare, but it mostly seems to want to spread alarm. Carey undoubtedly had a difficult year. But claiming that she’s having a psychiatric meltdown is just plain wrong. A rep for Carey has shot down the report.


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