Mariah Carey Has Assistant For Her Boobs?!

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Mariah Carey Boobs Assistant

By Shari Weiss |

Mariah Carey Boobs Assistant

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Mariah Carey has an assistant for her boobs?! That’s the bizarre claim coming from one of the tabloids. Naturally, Gossip Cop looked into it.

The outrageous allegation can be found in the pages of In Touch, which writes, “No bra is good enough for Mariah Carey — she requires a helper to handle her, ahem, assets.” According to the magazine, when Carey filmed a cameo for Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s movie The House, “the diva showed up on set (hours late, of course) with a massive entourage that included one guy ‘whose sole purpose was to push up Mariah’s boobs.'”

A so-called “eyewitness” is quoted as saying, “In the middle of filming, she would blurt out, ‘Come fix me!’ and he would scramble over and squish her boobs together with both hands.” To, um, boost its story, In Touch depicts Ferrell as asking “How do I get that job?” Poehler, meanwhile, is seen saying, “I’ll stick with the Wonderbra.”

But the oddly worded quotes aren’t the only things that are fake here. According to Carey’s own rep, the claims that the superstar has a special assistant for her breasts is simply nonsense. And in any case, Gossip Cop would also like to point out that the tabloid is actually shaming Carey for no reason.

It’s rather standard on film sets for actors to have a specific person dedicated to adjusting their costumes and appearance as necessary during shooting. And really, in essence, that’s all that In Touch is describing here.


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