Margot Robbie Topless Photos Taken While Vacationing In Hawaii

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Margot Robbie Topless

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Margot Robbie Topless

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Margot Robbie was photographed topless, unbeknownst to the actress, while vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend Tom Ackerley. She’s currently relaxing after the release of her new film The Legend Of Tarzan and before the opening of her next film, Suicide Squad, which hits theaters the first week of August.

While many undoubtedly are more interested in the half-naked pictures of Robbie, Gossip Cop of course is happy to point out that before the topless photos were taken of the actress, she was seen in a pink bikini frolicking with Ackerley and looking generally loved-up. For the past year-plus, we have been debunking reports that have wrongly claimed Robbie was hooking up with her Tarzan co-star. Last year, Gossip Cop busted Star magazine for falsely reporting that Alexander Skarsgard and Robbie were dating. And a few months before, we quashed a rumor that inaccurately alleged Robbie and Skarsgard were caught kissing at the Sundance Film Festival.

Neither of those claims were true. As we maintained back then, Robbie and Ackerley, an assistant director, have been together and in love for some time now. With the new set of photos of them kissing in the water and romantically hanging out on a Hawaiian beach, hopefully all the inaccurate tales about her love life will end.

Unfortunately, we suspect fewer people will focus on the couple looking happy, and more on the pictures of Robbie topless. The actress has not commented on the images taken on vacation with Ackerley. While Gossip Cop will not post the photos, here are the images of Robbie, if so inclined.


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