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Margot Robbie's newest film, Dreamland, includes some intimate scenes, and one magazine claims that this is putting stress on her marriage with Tom Ackerley. Is her chemistry with a certain co-star spelling doom for the couple? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘We Can’t Carry On Like This’

According to Woman’s Day, the sex scenes in the upcoming film Dreamland “have caused a rift between husband and wife.” Ackerley, a producer on the film, understands that these scenes can make “good drama, but given he’s not an actor, it can be a struggle for him to understand how Margot can portray so much attraction to another man while feeling nothing.”

The tabloid says that Ackerley has now seen one new shower scene “so many times he’s starting to question his sanity.” To make matters worse, the Birds of Prey star is reportedly praising her co-star Finn Cole “at every available opportunity.” The outlet argues that “it must be very awkward for Tom to have to watch his wife simulating sex with another man and then have her going on about him every chance she gets.” If the headline is correct, then the two won't be able to carry on much longer.

These Are Professional Actors Acting

Sometimes tabloids have trouble separating movies from real life, but we’ll give Woman's Day an inch here and say that it probably is a little awkward for Ackerley to watch those scenes. That being said, we strongly doubt that he’s obsessively re-watching them as this tabloid asserts or that he’s questioning his sanity or the state of his marriage. This is not the first time the Wolf of Wall Street star has done a scene like this, as in the Ackerley-produced I, Tonya, she had many intimate scenes.

Robbie was nominated for an Academy Award for that performance, and the two have stayed together. This story is a whole lot of nothing. Robbie and Cole are professional actors who are acting. As a movie producer, Ackerley would understand that, and there’s no indication that the two are going to split up or anything. Gossip Cop agrees that it could be a little awkward, but it’s just not worth inventing a story about.

We also want to point out how silly that bit about Robbie praising Cole is. There’s a big difference between praising a co-star on a press tour and praising them at home. It’s impossible for this tabloid to know what Robbie and Ackerley talk about at home, so instead, it assumes Robbie’s public comments must be how she talks privately. This paints an absurd image where celebrities must act like they’re on David Letterman at all times.

What Happened To Robbie's Feud And Pregnancy?

Whatever sources this tabloid claims to have near Robbie simply cannot be trusted at this point. Woman’s Day falsely reported that Robbie was feuding with Nicole Kidman because she "stole" a TV role from her, but this was not true as the show in question had yet to be cast. It claimed that Robbie was going to get pregnant on vacation with Ackerley, but she never announced a pregnancy and actually made a movie instead.

For another story about supposed drama in this relationship, this tabloid once claimed Robbie had been caught on a date with Paul Mescal. You won’t be surprised to learn that this was completely made up. This tabloid simply doesn’t approve of Ackerley and Robbie, but that doesn’t make their narratives true.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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