Margot Robbie Having Marriage Problems, Stopped Wearing Wedding Ring?

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Margot Robbie Marriage Problems

By Andrew Shuster |

Margot Robbie Marriage Problems

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A new tabloid report claims Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley are having marriage problems because the actress didn’t wear her wedding ring to a movie premiere earlier this month. The claim is completely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can disprove it.

According to OK! Australia, “onlookers” at the London premiere of Terminal “were surprised Margot forgot to wear [her wedding ring] to the debut of her own movie.” Ackerley, a producer on the film, was also at the premiere but wasn’t wearing his wedding band either. The magazine then suspects both “ditched” their jewelry due to marital issues.

The tabloid’s speculative report is simply baseless. In an interview with Vogue Australia last year, Robbie explained that she only wears her wedding ring on the weekends because she doesn’t want to lose it. Additionally, if the actress and her husband were having marriage problems, as the magazine alleges, why would they be posing together on the red carpet at the film’s premiere? If it were simply to keep up appearances, they’d have their wedding rings on as well.

Regardless, there’s plenty of additional proof the couple’s marriage is going strong. For starters, Robbie and Ackerley vacationed together in Costa Rica earlier this week. Photos from the trip, shared by the Daily Mail, show the pair taking “a romantic stroll on the beach.” In one of the images, Robbie can be seen kissing her husband’s shoulder as they hold hands on the sand. The spouses aren’t wearing their wedding rings in those pictures either, likely because they don’t want to risk losing them on the beach. Showing PDA during a romantic vacation, however, is more proof of a strong marriage than pieces of jewelry are.

It should also be noted, the tabloid attempts to substantiate its story by claiming that the spouses are also struggling to spend time together. Their Costa Rican trip would prove otherwise. Further debunking the magazine’s theory is that Robbie and Ackerley were spotting surfing in Malibu last month. Shortly after that, Robbie and Ackerley were photographed walking their dog in Los Angeles. The actress and producer clearly make an effort to spend plenty of quality time together, despite their busy work schedules.

Conclusion: Without any other evidence, OK! insists that Robbie and Ackerley are having marriage problems because neither wore their wedding ring to a movie premiere. The actress, however, already explained in an interview why she doesn’t wear her ring out in public. And just this week, the spouses went on a romantic vacation, during which they were secretly photographed by paparazzi looking very much in love. The magazine’s speculative article is clearly bogus and none of its claims ring true.


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