Margot Robbie Tattoos ‘Graham Norton Show’ Crew Member (VIDEO)

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Margot Robbie Graham Norton Tattoo

By Andrew Shuster |

Margot Robbie Graham Norton Tattoo

(Graham Norton Show)

Margot Robbie tattooed a member of the “Graham Norton Show” production crew on Friday’s episode of the British talk show. After the actress revealed she has a penchant for tattooing her friends, one of the show’s staffers volunteered to let her permanently ink the bottom of his toe. Watch the funny video below!

Norton first noted that Robbie gave tattoos to many of her Suicide Squad cast members while filming the comic book movie, including herself and Cara Delevingne, who gave each other emoji faces on the bottoms of their toes. “We call them ‘toemojis,'” said the actress, before revealing she’s given “close to 100” tattoos but is “probably getting worse” at it. The host then asked fellow guests Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Reese Witherspoon if any of them “want a tattoo to commemorate this lovely evening.” Everyone immediately looked over at Ford, who seemed to be mulling over the idea.

“It would be so funny, please!” exclaimed Robbie. The actor noticed a tattoo gun on the table, and responded, “I see you actually are prepared,” but she noted, “This isn’t actually my gun, but I can make do with it for sure.” “Are you genuinely thinking about this?” asked Norton, to which Ford bluntly stated, “No.” The host then mentioned that Gosling has already tattooed himself. The actor showed off a design on his arm and explained, “It was supposed to be a monster hand dropping a bloody heart, but it looks more like a chicken making love with a cactus.” Gosling added, “I don’t know what happened. I like to doodle, a friend had a tattoo gun at his house. It’s a bad combination.”

Norton then turned his attention over to Witherspoon and inquired if she had any tats. “Oh god, I knew you were gonna ask me,” the actress said. “Yeah, I do. I went to college in the ‘90s.” The actress declined to reveal the design of the tattoo or where it’s placed on her body, prompting Robbie to wonder, “Is it a tramp stamp?” Witherspoon insisted, “No! God, no,” before asserting, “I’m not getting into this.”

The host eventually moved on from the celebrity guests and revealed there’s “someone who works on our team and they’re a big Margot Robbie fan.” Norton then brought out a crew member named Adam who was willing to get a “toemoji,” but the actress assured him, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” The staffer, however, was on board, so Robbie put on gloves and revved up the tattoo gun before adding, “I actually haven’t done one for a while. I’m probably more nervous than you are. Sorry, that’s not comforting.” She then proceeded to tattoo his big toe while admitting, “I’m not particularly good, but I like doing it.” Watch the funny video below!

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