Margaret Cho Fires Back At Critics Of Her “Racist” Golden Globes Character

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Margaret Cho Racist Golden Globes

By Daniel Gates |

Margaret Cho Racist Golden Globes


Margaret Cho is firing back at critics who claim her routine as a North Korean “general” at Sunday’s Golden Globes was racist. As Gossip Cop reported, Cho (along with co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) mocked the recent Sony hacking saga by posing as a general-turned-journalist and new member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Over the course of the ceremony, the actress-comedian amusingly critiqued the Golden Globes, as well as the show “Orange Is The New Black,” and demanded that Meryl Streep pose for a picture with her (which Benedict Cumberbatch photo bombed). Despite Cho’s Korean heritage and long career of satire, including her Emmy-nominated 2011 turn as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il on Fey’s “30 Rock,” a number of people complained that Cho’s comedy bits were “racist.”

On Monday, Cho struck back on Twitter, defending her right to lampoon the totalitarian North Korean regime. She wrote, “I’m of mixed North/South Korean descent – you imprison, starve and brainwash my people you get made fun of by me #hatersgonhate #FreeSpeech.”

Cho added, “Also I’m a total #cumberbitch so this was living the dream #goldenglobes #benedict4eva.” She then remarked, “I’m not playing the race card. I’m playing the rice card. #hatersgonwait #winnersgonpun.”

The star then retweeted a number of fans who were voicing their support. One observed, “Majority of flack @margaretcho has come from non-Asians. What’s racist is no other Asians as nominees or presenters. #GoldenGlobes.” Another Cho defender commented, “The people who think what @margaretcho did last night was racist do know she’s Asian right?”

“@margaretcho Thought your performance last night was hysterical! If anyone has the right to joke & criticize NK, it’s you. #FreeSpeech,” said a third Twitter user, while another person asked, “If a German mocked Hitler, are you going to say, ‘That could be offensive to Germans’? @margaretcho mocked the oppressors, not the victims.” Watch the video below, and tell us what you think about Cho’s appearance at the Golden Globes.


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