Marc Summers: I Had Secret Cancer Battle (VIDEO)

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Marc Summers Cancer

By Daniel Gates |

Marc Summers Cancer

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Marc Summers has revealed that he had a secret five-year battle with cancer. The “Double Dare” and “Unwrapped” host shared his story during a radio interview this week, explaining that he hadn’t wanted to go public with his health scare until some recent charity work made him decide to come forward. Watch the video below.

“I’ve been sort of keeping something secret for the last five years, and I guess I’m ready to talk about it now, and that is: I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago,” he told the hosts of “Preston and Steve” in Philadelphia. “You know, in show business, if you talk about that stuff, it’s hard to get hired afterward… And I’ve sort of compressed this thing and it’s made me nuts.”

Summers said, “It’s a fact that I was diagnosed with something called chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I was having stomach problems and in severe pain, went to a hospital, and they took 17 and a half inches of my small intestine out.” He described what happened in the hospital. “When I woke up, I said — because I’m a stand-up comic, just trying to make light of the situation — ‘Hey doctor, do I have cancer?’ And he said, ‘As a matter of fact, you do.’ And that sort of freaked me out.”

Incredibly, Summers was actually misdiagnosed by one doctor, who mistakenly told him he had a different kind of cancer and would be dead within six months. Even though the death sentence was wrong, Summers’ health crisis necessitated years of chemotherapy and illness. Thankfully, he’s now in remission. “I’m ready to move on,” said Summers. “The last five years of Marc Summers’ life have been hell.” Watch the video below.


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