A story claiming Marc Anthony is giving Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez his blessing to marry was made up, Gossip Cop confirms. We can now expose how this apparently fabricated report came to be.

Lopez and Rodriguez spent Easter weekend in the Dominican Republic, where they were joined for part of the time by the singer's ex-husband and the father of her children, Anthony. It appeared from leaked photos and video that all parties had a good time. Now in the wake of the joint trip, HollywoodLife is purporting to have an "exclusive" about Anthony's feelings about his ex's new relationship.

"Now that JLo has found true love with A-Rod, we can't help but wonder how her ex-husband Marc Anthony feels about her new romance," writes the webloid, which then conveniently and suspiciously claims to have the "EXCLUSIVE inside scoop on why the Latin singer would welcome the famous athlete into the family." A so-called "source" is quoted by the site as saying, "Marc would actually give his complete blessings if A-Rod proposed to JLo."

Gossip Cop questions whether a real person close to Anthony would really use pop culture nicknames like "A-Rod" and "JLo." Frankly, we question whether the outlet truly has a "source" at all. We have repeatedly demonstrated how the blog takes a celebrity-related hot topic and suddenly proclaims to have exclusive sources giving them "scoop" about the subject. Rarely is this insight ever corroborated by reputable publications.

And just two days before this story about how Anthony gets along so well with Rodriguez and is supportive of the romance, the site had an article suggesting it was "awkward" for them to all be together. "Alex was bound to meet Marc at some point now that he's dating JLo," the webloid wrote at the time, cluelessly speculating about the dynamic. Now the outlet magically has all the details, even saying the two men have been pals "for a while."

And HollywoodLies is also one of several outlets that last month falsely claimed Anthony was back together with Shannon De Lima after mistaking the singer's new girlfriend, Mariana Downing, for his former wife. That's the level of accuracy and insight (or lack thereof) we're dealing with here. So, who really believes the online publication has an Anthony source dishing how he'd give Lopez and Rodriguez his blessing to wed?

All these red flags prompted Gossip Cop to investigate, and we confirmed what we already knew all along: Real people close to Anthony do not talk to webloids like HollywoodLife. Such alleged sources are either invented and fictional or an inauthentic person duping outlets by pretending to have legitimate information. In either case, the bottom line is that it's all made up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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