Manny Cabo “The Voice” Audition Video: 45-Year-Old Rocker Turns Four Chairs

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Manny Cabo The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Manny Cabo The Voice Audition Video


Manny Cabo rocked out and proved he is far from past his prime on the “The Voice” on Monday, getting a standing ovation from Adam Levine and Pharrell. Watch below!

The New Jersey-based photographer explained he was coming on the show to “let the world know at 45 that it’s never too late.” He did that and then some. His performance of the White Snake classic “Here I Go Again” led Levine to press his button just a few lyrics in, before Blake Shelton and Pharrell followed suit, with Gwen Stefani coming in at the end to make it a four-chair turn-around.

“Dude, you just literally turned this place into [a] hair band concert,” exclaimed Shelton. “You’re a great singer. You have a great screamer when you get up into that falsetto.” Pharrell, too, was blown away by the changes in Cabo’s vocals, explaining, “I pressed the button because your voice just kept going into different dimensions and it was just undeniable. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a voice with such dynamics.”

Pharrell further noted, “It’s not often that we have someone 45 years old come in here and completely just level the room.” Adam Levine personally identified with Cabo, saying, “Hearing you sing the crap out of the song specifically ignites me because that’s where I come from.” The Maroon 5 front man explained that his first band as a teen covered similar music.

He went on to praise Cabo’s “power” and “presence,” and admitted, “My heart is pounding right now ’cause I know all the kinds of things we’ll have in common.” The personal enthusiasm paid off, as Cabo chose Levine as his coach. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!


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