Are Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia being forced to act like a real-life couple? That's the latest tabloid rumor about their hit NBC show, "This Is Us." Gossip Cop looked into the claim, and we can exclusively set the record straight.

The story in question can be found in the new issue of OK!, under the headline, "Mandy & Milo's Fan Fauxmance." According to the gossip magazine, Moore and Ventimiglia "aren't involved in real life, but you'd never know it from their red-carpet chemistry. And that's exactly the impression NBC wants fans to have." The outlet specifically alleges the network has "pushed" the co-stars to "couple up whenever possible to hype the show."

"Mandy is living with her boyfriend, and Milo's in a relationship, too, but NBC wants them together at all the Emmy parties," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. "The plan is to have everyone buzzing that they're in love. Mandy doesn't mind — she knows how the game works — but Milo hates that they're trying to control him."

The publication's supposed source adds, "Still, he's got no choice but to go along with it." To put it simply, "fans love the idea of Mandy and Milo together, and NBC is capitalizing on that," contends the tabloid. But Gossip Cop can reveal this isn't an accurate representation of what's actually going on, or what will be taking place at Emmy Awards parties next month and why.

First off, "This Is Us" does not need manufactured hype. The drama's success is very real, with its storytelling and acting critically-acclaimed within the industry and beloved by fans. There is constant media attention surrounding the show, and a "fauxmance" is not needed to sell the program. Second, the "chemistry" Moore and Ventimiglia show on the red carpet is genuine, not faked. They have developed a close friendship, and that is what fans are seeing. Furthermore, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

When cast members do press appearances together, particularly at events like Emmy parties, they typically pose closely with one another, especially if the actors' characters are involved on-screen. Moore and Ventimiglia are likely to take pictures together next month, just as they have in the past and just as many on-screen couples, but off-screen platonic duos have done before them. It has nothing to do with the network urging them to "couple up."

Additionally, this article implies that NBC knows about Moore and Ventimiglia's significant others, but is being disrespectful by supposedly urging them to carry on a charade. Gossip Cop is told that isn't how the network works. It also doesn't make sense that NBC would be pressuring Moore to "have everyone buzzing that they're in love" when she's spoken openly about her relationship with Taylor Goldsmith. Fans know she's taken, so why would they believe she's in a romance with Ventimiglia simply because they're on the red carpet together at work-related events?

Clearly, there's a lot of holes in this OK! story. Still, Gossip Cop also reached out to sources close to the actors themselves, one of whom laughed aloud at the silliness of the tale. If anything, it seems the tabloid is trying to sell something false, not the "This Is Us" family.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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