Mandy Harvey Performs Original Song “This Time” For “America’s Got Talent” Finals (VIDEO)

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Mandy Harvey AGT FinalsMandy Harvey AGT Finals

By Shari Weiss |

Mandy Harvey AGT FinalsMandy Harvey AGT Finals


Mandy Harvey performed an original song called “This Time” for her “America’s Got Talent” finals performance on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

For a reality show that often comes off more like a popularity contest than a talent competition, Harvey has proven throughout season 12 that she really is a uniquely talented person. Yes, she’s a singer, and this year’s run has been filled with singers. In fact, out of the 10 finalists, five are singers, and that becomes six when you count ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, whose puppets break out into song. But Harvey stands out from the rest for one simple reason: She’s deaf.

As she explained during her audition, she lost her hearing at the age of 18. But while she’s no longer able to hear, she’s still able to not only sing, but also play the ukulele. Simon Cowell awarded Harvey his Golden Buzzer advantage, and she sailed through both the quarterfinals and semifinals. In her first two appearances, she even sang original songs. And for her semifinal performance just last week, Harvey performed “Release Me” while signing the lyrics at the same time. “The vocal, the song, the delivery the performance is about as good as I’ve ever seen on one of these shows. It was honestly breathtaking,” Cowell said afterward.

Now before her final performance, in her opening, Harvey tearfully revealed that when she was losing her hearing, “I thought I was going to forget every song I ever heard.” She recalled making the decision to “stand up and move forward,” and said, “That’s what got me here today.” She then performed a self-penned tune about “moving on.” “I’m so close that I can taste it,” she sang. Cowell and Heidi Klum both gave a standing ovation while also signing applause.

Cowell said afterward, “Seriously, incredible. I have to remind myself and everyone tonight that you lost your hearing 10 years ago. You haven’t heard Adele. You haven’t heard Ed Sheeran. You haven’t heard Taylor Swift. Yet your songs are so current.” And he added, even putting her story aside, “It was amazing… You deserve to win. Remarkable what you’ve done.”

Howie Mandel said Harvey is emblematic of one of several finalists who show “strength.” And Mel B marveled over Harvey being unable to hear herself. “You’ve been pitch-perfect and you’ve taken us on a journey,” she said. Watch the video below!

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