Mandy Harvey “America’s Got Talent” Video – Watch Deaf Singer’s “Mara’s Song” Performance For Quarterfinals

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Mandy Harvey AGT Quarterfinals

By Shari Weiss |

Mandy Harvey AGT Quarterfinals


Mandy Harvey gave her first live “America’s Got Talent” performance during Tuesday’s quarterfinals. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Harvey won the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell after she auditioned for the NBC competition. The 29-year-old is actually deaf, having lost her hearing due to a connective tissue disorder. But incredibly, she has not lost her musicality. In fact, through muscle memory, visualization and sound vibrations, the teen is able to not only still sing but also play instruments. For her try-out performance, Harvey played the ukulele as she sang an original song called “Try.” Cowell said afterward, “That was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and heard.”

By pushing the Golden Buzzer, the music mogul sent Harvey directly to the live shows. That advantage meant skipping the Judge Cuts round that falls between auditions and the quarterfinals. On the flip-side, though, this also meant it was only the second time Harvey was coming before the judges and America, with viewers at home now getting to vote for their favorite acts. In addition, Harvey was one of 12 contestants for this part of the quarterfinals, and of that group, only seven would be able to continue on to the semifinals. Oh, and she also had the closing slot. Talk about pressure.

Harvey said before her big moment, “When I lost my hearing, music died… And my parents were the ones who encouraged me to find music again.” The aspiring star debuted another self-penned track, this one called “Mara’s Song,” which she wrote for her cousin’s wedding. A standing ovation followed, with the judges all doing sign language for applause. Cowell spoke first, telling Harvey, “There is so much I could say to you, Mandy. There’s so much I want to say. But your music, actually, and you says it all. All I’m gonna say is you will make a difference. That was stunning.”

“I just love how raw and real and honest this just was,” Heidi Klum told her. “There was no backing track. There was no production around it. It was just you, your beautiful voice, your ukulele, and it was very powerful.” Mel B said, “I don’t think you realize your influence and the impact you have on people. You make the impossible possible. You’re like the miracle worker.” And Howie Mandel added, “You make us feel it because you feel it. You’re feeling music much more than anybody else who’s just singing music.” Watch the video below!

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