TMZ Slammed For Publishing Graphic Photo Of Manchester Attack Aftermath

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TMZ Slammed Manchester Attack Photo

By Andrew Shuster |

TMZ Slammed Manchester Attack Photo

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TMZ published a graphic photo on Tuesday depicting the bloody aftermath of Monday night’s terrorist attack in Manchester. Many Twitter users took offense to the site sharing the disturbing image and immediately began slamming the outlet. See the angry tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, an explosion went off at Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday, resulting in 22 deaths and dozens of injuries. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the bombing. Grande has canceled her tour in the wake of the horrific incident, which marks the deadliest terrorist attack in Britain since 2005.

On Tuesday morning, TMZ posted a photo from inside the arena which shows police attending to many bloodied victims, some of whom are possibly dead. The site ran the headline, “Terrorist Manchester Concert Explosion Photo Shows Gruesome Aftermath,” to accompany the grisly photo. Many Twitter users, however, deemed it insensitive to publicize the violent imagery.

One follower wrote, “As a resident of Manchester I am disgusted you have posted this! Show some respect – this is gutter journalism at its worst.” Another person said, “Really unnecessary to show such photos at a time when victims haven’t even been identified. Disgraceful and sensationalist.” And one user tweeted, “DELETE THIS. Nobody wants to see this.”

“Since when did @tmz do terrorist propaganda? Stop being part of the problem, a few extra clicks ain’t worth it,” wrote one follower. Another user offered, “You really seem to get off sharing pictures of peoples’ most horrible day. Times Square last wk & now this. selling your soul for clicks.” And one person tweeted, “C’mon @TMZ please don’t go there! This is so tragic and your just making it worse!”

Meanwhile, one user conveyed, “You know you are doing a favor to the terrorist showing carnage photos like this dont you? They get off on it.” Another person similarly expressed, “The terrorists will love that you shown this. fu**ing delete it.” And another follower asked, “Are you serious? People are still missing and you show this horrendous picture have some respect for the un-named victims and remove this.” As of this writing, TMZ has not removed the photo.

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