Malevo “America’s Got Talent” Video: Watch Semifinals Performance!

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Malevo AGT Semifinals Video

By Shari Weiss |

Malevo AGT Semifinals Video


Malevo made a big comeback on the first episode of the “America’s Got Talent” season 11 semifinals on Tuesday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Malevo has repeatedly blown away the judges with their combination of dancing, drumming, and whipping. The Argentinian dance group was even guest judge George Lopez’s Golden Buzzer choice. And after Malevo’s “AGT” quarterfinals performance last week, Simon Cowell predicted they would have their own Las Vegas show within two years.

But it wasn’t clear if America agreed. Malevo was shockingly in jeopardy on the results show, but then won the instant Dunkin Save through viewers who voted online to give them redemption. Now their semifinals performance was their chance to really win over the audience in hopes of making it to the upcoming finale.

They seemed to dance harder than ever before, even doing so in a pool of water. And the judges again gave an enthusiastic standing ovation. Heidi Klum exclaimed afterward, “I loved it… Hot as always!” An even more excited Mel B declared, “I mean, just when you think you guys couldn’t get any better, boom! Off the chain!”

Simon Cowell told the guys, “I don’t think you could have done any more tonight. I really don’t. I hope America picks up the phone. You deserve it.” And Howie Mandel amusingly quipped, “A night of whips and water… People are going to remember this night forever.” Watch the full video below!


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