Maggie Grace: Liam Neeson Prank Called My Ex-Boyfriend As His ‘Taken’ Character – WATCH VIDEO!

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maggie grace liam neeson prank conan

By Michael Lewittes |

maggie grace liam neeson prank conan


Maggie Grace revealed on Thursday’s “Conan” how her Taken co-star Liam Neeson once prank called her ex-boyfriend and threatened him in the voice of Bryan Mills, his character in the film franchise. She even played the actual prank call on the late night show. See the video below.

“He is so awesome,” Grace said of Neeson, who played her father in Taken, Taken 2 and Taken 3. “It’s been almost nine years, and I was kind of a kiddo on the first one,” she said of working with him on the three films. “He is like the best fake movie dad any girl could ask for. I mean he is so protective, in real life too.”

The actress went on the explain how Neeson came to her rescue when she was getting over a breakup. “So there was this boy, and… I was a little bit heartbroken, and he was kind of a hot mess,” she recalled. “I was telling Liam about it because he always asks about my love life or lack thereof, and he was like, ‘This just can’t be. We have to set this kid straight. What should we do?'”

Grace eventually had Neeson prank call her ex while he was at his office. Grace, who recorded the entire conversation, then had O’Brien play it for everyone to hear. “This is Bryan Mills,” said Neeson. “We never met. And if you play your cards right, we never will. Now listen (bleep). You are lower than the pond scum, so I am just going to say this once. ‘You’ve made two mistakes. Your first mistake was dating out of your league. Your second mistake, well, let’s just say anymore mistakes and I’ll break your other arm slowly.'” Neeson added, “I don’t need to say it, but I have a particular set of skills. And I don’t want to waste them on you. Now you get your sh*t together.” Check out the hilarious video below, and tell us what you think!


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