Madonna NOT “Stumbling” Drunk At Brisbane Concert, Despite Reports

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Madonna stumbling drunk

By Michael Lewittes |


Madonna stumbled through her performance of “Like A Virgin” on Wednesday at the Entertainment Center in Brisbane, Australia, but it’s not because she was drunk, as some outlets are insinuating. As Gossip Cop previously reported, despite fake props of vodka bottles and a flask during recent shows, Madonna never drinks or is drunk onstage. See the videos below.

In a story posted on Thursday, alongside footage of Madonna “stumbling” at one point while performing “Like A Virgin,” TMZ called Madonna’s routine “sloppy,” seemingly with the intent of conveying that she was sloppy drunk. But in reality, the webloid is sloppy with its reporting. A quick search on YouTube, for example, shows that for months while on her Rebel Heart tour, Madonna has been doing the exact same “stumbling” dance when performing the 1984 hit.

The singer first does a move that resembles her humping the stage, followed by her getting up and then “stumbling.” She did it in December, for example, while performing at the Bercy in Paris. She did it on Wednesday in Brisbane. And she’ll do it again on Saturday night in Sydney. A source involved in the production tells Gossip Cop, “Madonna has danced the same dance for the last seven months, and that is far from ‘stumbling.'”

Check out the videos below of Madonna performing “Like A Virgin” in Brisbane on Wednesday night, as well as in Paris back in December and see how the choreographed “stumbling” is anything but her being drunk.


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