Madonna Jokes About Dating Younger Men During Stand-Up Comedy Debut On Tonight Show – WATCH VIDEO

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Madonna Stand Up Comedy

By Minyvonne Burke |

Madonna Stand Up Comedy

(Jimmy Fallon)

Madonna is not only a talented musician, but she also tried her hand at stand-up comedy on Thursday. The singer was on “The Tonight Show” and revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she’s “kind of a closet comedian.”

Fallon, who looked surprised by Madonna’s confession, asked her if she had ever performed stand-up comedy before. “I haven’t,” she responded, adding, “But one day I hope to.” And with that, Fallon urged her to do a comedy bit for the first time on his stage. Watch the video below.

“Will you guys laugh if my jokes suck,” Madonna asked the audience, who responded with a loud cheer. She then walked offstage so Fallon could reintroduce her as a comedian. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in for a treat right now. She’s an up-and-coming comedian making her stand-up comedy debut tonight,” said Fallon. “Please welcome the very funny Madonna.”

Madonna started her bit by saying she wanted to talk about something she’s familiar with, and launched into a joke about dating younger men. “But I did find myself very strangely the other day, at breakfast with my son Rocco, thinking, ‘I haven’t had a date in a couple weeks,'” began Madonna before cracking, “I looked at my son, and without thinking I said, ‘Um, do you have any friends you can introduce me to?'” To see how Madonna’s 13-year-old son reacted and more of her stand-up comedy routine, check out the video below. Tell us what you think of Madonna’s comedy on “The Tonight Show.”


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