Madonna Criticized For Photo Of Adopted Black Kids Rubbing Her Feet – SEE PIC

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Madonna Kids Foot Rub

By Minyvonne Burke |

Madonna Kids Foot Rub


Madonna is being criticized for posting a photo on Monday of her adopted black children, David Ritchie and Mercy James, rubbing her feet. In the image, Madonna is seen lying on the floor with David and Mercy kneeling on the ground in front of her, as they each rub a foot. The singer captioned the photo, “#motherlove… how I’m gonna get through the day. Mercy and David give the best foot rubs!! #rebelhearts.” See the photo right and below.

While the picture is clearly innocent, some are taking to social media to bash the pop star over the photo, hinting that because her young children are black, she’s treating them like slaves. Not surprisingly, MediaTakeOut was first to jump on the bandwagon, posting the picture of Madonna and her children, writing, “Are we overreacting… or are y’all a little uncomfortable about this photo that Madonna posted with her two adopted African kids?” The webloid added, “Something about this picture really rubs us the wrong way. And Madonna is doing this on purpose.”

Wendy Williams also shared the photo on Twitter, asking her followers, “HOT QUESTION: Are you offended by the photo Madonna posted?” The daytime talk show host was immediately attacked by Twitter users who felt there was nothing inappropriate or racist about the picture. Celebrity psychic John Edward commented on Williams’ photo, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I ask my two to do it all the time and joke with them that THIS is why I had them.” Twitter user “gwynzach,” tweeted, “Stop being offended by things everybody! Kids like to do stuff like this for their mommys.” Another user who goes by “MadonnaAfrica” noted, “why in God’s holy name would anyone be offended! Stop looking for a reaction and get a F’n life.” And “AlbertHalleV,” tweeted, “@WendyWilliams @Madonna they see blacks pampering a while woman. Not a Mother being loved by her children.”

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Madonna kids foot rub



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