Madonna Denies Being Drunk During Concert, Still Three Hours Late (VIDEO)

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Madonna Drunk Concert Late

By Andrew Shuster |

Madonna Drunk Concert Late

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Madonna performed in Nashville on Monday night and shot down the rumors she was drunk during her concert in Louisville over the weekend. During the new show, the singer assured the crowd, “This is me sober.” But regardless of her condition, Madonna was still nearly three hours late once again. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Madonna seemed drunk while performing in Louisville on Saturday, prompting many angry fans to tweet their annoyance with the singer during the “Rebel Heart” show. Several concert attendees alleged the singer was slurring her words and forgetting her own lyrics. There were also messages complaining about her extreme lateness.

Madonna clearly heard about the speculation she was tipsy, and told the crowd in Nashville on Monday night, “If I sit down and start talking to you guys, I may never get up. And this is me sober. I know there’s been reports of me falling down drunk on the stage. Y’all wish I could dance in six inch hills and be drunk.” It should be noted the singer adopted a southern accent during her speech.

Drunk or not, Madonna was still undeniably late again. This was confirmed by two celebrity attendees and fellow musicians who were in the audience. Reba McEntire wrote on Instagram prior to the singer’s arrival, “We’re here!! Where is she???” Kix Brooks also tweeted, “1030 – still no Madonna ?? – hey it’s Nashville!! We’re on time! where the hell are you!!?” Watch Madonna address the rumors she was drunk on stage in the video below.


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