Madonna Did NOT Refuse To Fly On Private Jet Because Of ‘Diva Demands,’ Despite Report

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By Gossip Cop Staff |


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Did Madonna really refuse to fly on a new private jet because her “diva demands” weren’t met? That’s the premise behind a story which maintains the singer wanted to use a cryogenic chamber on her plane, but was told the giant nitrogen-filled device used to relax muscles wouldn’t be allowed onboard. Gossip Cop, however, looked into the claim, and we can pour cold water on the report. We’re told it’s completely untrue.

According to the National Enquirer, and repeated online by its sister site RadarOnline, Madonna travels everywhere with a “vampire” chamber that pumps -200 degree Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen mist over her body. This time around, alleges the magazine and blog’s so-called “snitch,” the singer “put it on the jet and wanted to use it during the flight,” but the captain said no because “it would suck all the plane’s power.” After that, the rest of the article lists a number of supposed requests Madonna has while on tour, including always having at her disposal “wood candles” and a “large piece of imported cheese.”

While much has been written about Madonna’s tour rider demands, Gossip Cop investigated and could not confirm the latest claims by the website and its related supermarket tabloid. There’s nothing to substantiate the superstar insists on having at her beck and call a “large piece of imported cheese,” “wood candles,” or that she travels with a cryogenic chamber. And while the publication and blog’s reports are based on an unnamed and untraceable “sources,” Madonna’s own rep, speaking on behalf of the singer, assures Gossip Cop the tale is 100 percent “false.”

Among the red flags in the articles is that neither story mentions when Madonna tried to load a cryogenic chamber onto her private jet or where the plane was departing from or heading towards. The reports also don’t explain how, if Madonna supposedly always travels with a freezing chamber, it suddenly wasn’t allowed this time? And the reason there are no answers to those questions is because the alleged incident never happened.

This is not the first time the Enquirer has published a bizarrely fictitious tale about Madonna. A couple of years ago, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it oddly contended Madonna challenged Lady Gaga to a boxing match. Of course, that never took place. And a couple of years before that, Gossip Cop corrected the same outlet when it wrongly asserted Madonna and her ex-husband Sean Penn were getting back together. That also never came true.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline has been equally unreliable with its stories about the singer. Last year, Gossip Cop shot down a made-up narrative about Madonna being “livid” that Lady Gaga has been getting Oscar buzz for A Star Is Born. That piece similarly had no proof. Unlike a cold cryogenic chamber, the articles about Madonna’s private jet “diva demands” are full of hot air.


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