Madonna’s Adopted Twins NOT “Exhausted” And “Overwhelmed” By Her, Despite Report

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Madonna Adopted Twins Activities

By Andrew Shuster |

Madonna Adopted Twins Activities

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A new tabloid report alleging that Madonna’s recently adopted twins are “exhausted” and “overwhelmed” by the amount of activities she gives them is completely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this bogus claim.

The singer adopted 4-year-old twin daughters Stella and Esther from Malawi in February, but an article in the latest issue of OK! claims she’s been overstimulating them. A supposed “source” tells the magazine, “They wake up at 6 a.m. and are constantly on the go. They’re painting, playing soccer, going horseback riding, doing karate and taking lessons in French and ballet twice a week.”

The outlet’s dubious insider adds, “The girls’ lives have changed dramatically, and they’re overwhelmed.” The questionable source goes on to say Madonna’s 20-year-old daughter Lourdes even started “advising her mom to slow it down and stop showing off the twins’ activities on social media, but Madonna always thinks she knows best.”

Naturally, the singer keeps her daughters busy and offers them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, but the tabloid’s assertion that she’s overburdening them with activities is entirely baseless. A source close to Madonna exclusively assures us the magazine’s account of the situation is simply “crap.”

Oddly enough, we previously busted OK!’s sister publication, Star, for publishing a contradictory story alleging the singer was neglecting her kids. The magazine claimed earlier this year that Madonna’s twins were being raised by a nanny instead of her, but that’s not at all the case. This also isn’t the first time we’ve had to debunk a phony story involving the singer’s alleged mistreatment of children. Gossip Cop previously busted OK!’s other sister outlet, the National Enquirer, after it wrongly reported Madonna let kids “starve” at her daughter Mercy’s birthday party. No such incident occurred, and this latest article is more lies about the singer.

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