Macklemore Crashed Wedding In Washington, DC (Video)

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Macklemore crashed wedding

By Michael Lewittes |


Macklemore crashed a wedding in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. The singer, who documented it on Snapchat, said his mom, Julie Schott, put him up to it. See the video below of Macklemore crashing a wedding.

Some of the wedding footage Macklemore posted to Snapchat included him dancing with the guests and meeting the bride and groom. At one point, the wedding guests were even dancing to his hit “Thrift Shop.” Macklemore noted on Snapchat that his mom, who was with him, was “really trying to crash the wedding.” Instead, he ended up going into the celebration. “When your mom tells you to crash the wedding,” he added on Snapchat, with footage of him dancing.

As Gossip Cop reported, Macklemore was in Washington, D.C., where he joined President Obama for his weekly address, during which the rapper spoke about his opioid addiction. Macklemore noted during the address on addiction, “I’m here with President Obama because I take this personally. I have used prescription drugs and I have battled addiction. If I hadn’t gotten the help that I needed when I need it, I definitely would not be here today.” The rapper further said that he wants to “help others facing the same challenges that I did.”

Check out the Snapchat video below of Macklemore crashing a wedding in Washington, D.C.


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