MacKenzie Bourg “American Idol” Audition Video: “The Voice” Contestants Wins Over Judges With Medley — WATCH HERE!

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MacKenzie Bourg American Idol Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

MacKenzie Bourg American Idol Audition Video


MacKenzie Bourg won over the judges on “American Idol” on Wednesday by performing a medley of their own songs. Check out the video below!

Bourg first revealed that he and Harry Connick, Jr. share a birthday, and also a hometown in a Lafayette, Louisiana. That had Connick already pleased before the contestant announced he was going to sing a medley comprised of songs “from each of you guys.” Bourg started with Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy,” went into Connick’s “Come By Me,” and then took on Jennifer Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” before closing with Urban’s “Making Memories Of Us.”

The reworked tracks all flowed beautifully together, prompting Connick to tell the aspiring star afterward, “I gotta say this, you’re a smart son of a gun.” He went on, It was charming, it was really sweet. You have a sort of quiet thing about you that was very interesting to watch.

Lopez said, “Yes I like it very much too. Also the sound of your voice, there was something that was really pleasant about it.” Urban joked, “I loved the first song, I loved the fourth song, those two in the middle…” More seriously, though, the country superstar said he was a fan of Bourg’s voice, too.

All of which is a bit of ironic since Bourg was eliminated during the Live Playoffs on “The Voice” during season 3 back in 2012. Watch his “American Idol” audition below!


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