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Macaulay Culkin never claimed "satanic" Hollywood executives or elites ritually murder child actors. Two sketchy sites are peddling similar allegations. But Gossip Cop can reveal both are fake news stories filled with fabricated quotes.

The articles from YourNewsWire and Neon Nettle have minimal differences; they're essentially the same, just with the order of the information slightly switched around, certain words altered for synonyms and the punctuation changed. Both boil down to this contention from the latter version, "Former child star Macauley Culkin has blown the whistle on the entertainment industry elite to reveal that Hollywood studio executives are 'blood-thirsty Satanists' who ritualistically 'murder child actors.'" Note Culkin's first name is misspelled in that statement. But that's arguably the least of the issues here.

The outlets allege Culkin "dropped the huge truth bomb" during a radio interview in Paris, supposedly saying about Hollywood executives, "You learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes. The worst of them wear shoes made out of the skin of children that they ritually murdered." It's alleged the actor went on to recall a supposed incident on the set of Home Alone 2, in which a "powerful executive suit type" came on to him and offered him drugs, before pointing out shoes "he said they were made from the skin of children he and his friends had murdered."

"I've come out the other side. I'm alive. That is more than can be said for many. I'm not finished yet," it's claimed Culkin went on to say about child stardom in a "satanic" environment. "Hollywood is going to burn in my lifetime. You watch." Both sites assert "the news" of the actor's purported comments were "picked up by French media, with mainstream French newspapers reporting on the explosive interview. However within an hour of publication all reports had been removed from the internet."

Notably, no date is given for this alleged radio interview. And a Google search indicates that these quotes can only be traced to YourNewsWire and Neon Nettle, along with a couple of fake news websites that copied the claims. Of course, had Culkin really made such comments about Hollywood executives and elitists murdering children, it would've spread far beyond the French media and would've been impossible to scrub from the internet.

Culkin did give a long interview to The Guardian last year, in which he spoke about feeling like "prey" with the way paparazzi track him. Nothing at all was said about Home Alone 2, nor did he speak about his experiences as a young kid in Hollywood surrounded by adults. Certainly nothing about murder was discussed. And while it's true Culkin is a fan of Paris, there is no evidence he said the aforementioned quotes to any radio station there or any outlet at all anywhere in the world.

Rather, this seems to be the latest instance of YourNewsWire and Neon Nettle manufacturing fake news stories about celebrities and the supposed satanic practices of Hollywood elites. In one particularly egregious recent example, it was outrageously claimed Justin Bieber confessed such Hollywood elites killed an unborn baby he was expecting with Selena Gomez. It was all disturbingly made-up, as is this latest story about Culkin.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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