Luke Bryan Hits Concertgoer In Nashville (VIDEO)

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Luke Bryan punch fan

By Michael Lewittes |

Luke Bryan punch fan

(Getty Images)

Luke Bryan hit an audience member at a concert in Nashville on Wednesday night. The country singer was performing as part of Charlie Daniels’s 80th birthday/Volunteer Jam when a fan made his way to right in front of the stage and gave Bryan the finger. The country singer then grabbed the guy with his left hand, and smacked him in the face with the microphone in his right hand. Watch the videos below.

Bryan was singing his hit “Move” when the rude concertgoer got in his line of vision. At first, he ignored the man, but then the country singer edged closer to the front of the stage and incorporated the song’s lyrics when he told the finger-flipper, “Come on.” Next, Bryan stepped off the stage a tiny bit and slugged the man before continuing to sing. The guy was then escorted out of the venue.

The country singer gave a 20-minute performance as part of Daniels’s birthday celebration at the Bridgestone Arena. Among the others who also performed at the bash were Kid Rock, Chris Stapleton, 3 Doors Down, Travis Tritt, and Larry The Cable Guy. None of the others had any incidents when they were on stage. Check out the videos below of Bryan hitting a concertgoer on the head in Nashville.


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