Lucy Hale: Everyone On Pretty Little Liars Knows Who ‘A’ Is Except For Me! (VIDEO)

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Lucy Hale A Pretty Little Liars Late Night Seth Meyers

By Michael Lewittes |

lucy hale A pretty little liars late night seth meyers


Lucy Hale made her first ever late-night talk show appearance on Wednesday’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” and she revealed that every single “Pretty Little Liars” cast member knows who “A” is except for her.

“They won’t tell me!” she told Meyers. “Everyone knows. Some of them hang with the producers, and I think maybe somebody was drinking too much and revealed information.” She noted, “I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried listening in doors. I’ve tried bribing the executive producers and writers.” She ventured that maybe the reason she’s been kept in the dark is “because they know that I would sit here with you Seth and tell you. It would accidentally come out.”

Hale explained that the writers typically try to keep she show’s secrets under wraps by waiting until the table reads to give the cast members the script. “I don’t know if it’s because they are still figuring out what to do as well,” she said of the show’s crazy plot. Hale then noted that she didn’t want to spoil a previous storyline for viewers before recounting how she found out that Ian Harding, who plays Ezra, was actually “A” last season. That prompted an audience member to immediately yell, “Whoa!” forcing Hale to apologize. “Oh crap, sorry! And that was a dude, too! There is a guy in here that loves PLL!”

The “Lie A Little Better” singer went on to say that she doesn’t run into that many “Pretty Little Liars” fans in Los Angeles, but recalled a time a couple of years ago that she and her fellow cast mate Shay Mitchell were greeted by fans at an airport in Brazil. “We were like ‘Oh my God! Who is coming to the airport?'” she said of the crowd. “We were trying to look out for who it was, and they were there for us. It was so flattering!” Hale explained, “I was like, ‘I bet it’s Justin Bieber.’ I was like, ‘I promise it is probably him.'” Meyers noted, “You know what this means? You are the Justin Bieber of Brazil.” Hale laughed and asked, “Is that a good thing?” She joked, “But my Calvin Klein ads look awesome,” referring to Bieber’s recent underwear campaign for the brand. Hale added, “He looks great in those!” The talk show host agreed, “He does look great in those, and so does Photoshop.”

Hale also talked about getting discovered on “American Juniors” 11 years ago after she sang Blondie’s hit “Call Me.” She said, “I called my grandmother, and she was like, ‘Lucy that song is about a hooker!’ And it literally is. It’s about a prostitute! And I’m 14 years old, and that’s the song I won with.” Hale noted, “That was the whole reason I came to L.A., my hooker song.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think of Hale’s comments!


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