Lowell Oakley And Kimberly Nichole Voice Battle Video: Coach Pharrell Hilariously Breaks Show Record — WATCH!

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Lowell Oakley Kimberly Nichole Voice Video

By Shari Weiss |

Lowell Oakley Kimberly Nichole Voice Video


Lowell Oakley and Kimberly Nichole’s powerful battle on “The Voice” on Monday earned a standing ovation and broke a show record. Watch below!

The Team Pharrell contestants were paired up to sing the Elvis Presley classic “Hound Dog,” and left the panel of coaches in awe. Pharrell and Christina Aguilera gave the singers ina standing ovation, and Aguilera declared, “It was my favorite battle of this season for sure.”

Blake Shelton questioned Pharrell, “What is wrong with you, putting those two together? What is wrong with you?!” And Adam Levine announced, “It was just one of those moments that you’re like, ‘Oh, this is a classic ‘Voice’ moment.'” The enormous praise left Pharrell extremely torn over his decision. “What I did I do?” he lamented. “Because I want them both.”

As he hemmed and hawed, and even left his seat out of distress, Pharrell acknowledged, “Obviously they’re both winners… I’m so sorry to hold you guys up.” The extended length of time he was taking to declare a victor led to several jokes about everyone needing to pee, and the show eventually went to a commercial break.

When they came back, Levine quipped, “#45MinuteBattleRound.” By the time Pharrell finally made up his mind, it had (no joke) become the longest decision in “Voice” history. The coach eventually said, “I’m gonna go on a leap of faith that you guys will both end up back on my team, so I’m going to choose Lowell.”

Of course, things weren’t over then. Aguilera then hit her buzzer to steal Nichole, and even thanked Pharrell for his decision. The superstar even tweeted during the broadcast, “.@pharrell making me wait an hour to steal… Kimberly SLAYED that performance!” Check out the videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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