Louis Tomlinson NOT Being Sued For Child Support By Briana Jungwirth, Despite Report

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Louis Tomlinson Briana Jungwirth Child Support

By Michael Lewittes |

Louis Tomlinson Briana Jungwirth Child Support

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Louis Tomlinson is NOT being sued for child support by Briana Jungwirth, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told it is “absolute nonsense.”

A so-called “insider” tells Life & Style, Jungwirth is “gearing up to sue Louis.” The magazine quotes its ill-informed source as further saying, “She feels that his money is her only sure shot.” What’s more, the tabloid claims Jungwirth “ditched” the $5,000-a-month Calabasas, California home that he rented for her and “fled to her family home.” “She felt scared and abandoned,” says the outlet’s supposed “insider,” adding, “Louis set her up with that place but never had any intention of even visiting.”

There is so much wrong with the tabloid’s story it is hard to know where to begin. First off, Tomlinson has hardly “abandoned” Jungwirth, and she has not “fled to her family home.” Tomlinson got her a three-bedroom home, and he’s renting a place not far away so that he can spend time with them. Gossip Cop has also been told that the singer has been doting on his son since the baby’s birth.

More significantly, despite the magazine’s main claim that Jungwirth is planning on suing Tomlinson, we’re assured it is completely untrue, and that they two are working out equitable child support. Tomlinson’s own rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the tabloid’s tale is “absolute nonsense.”

Unfortunately, Gossip Cop is not surprised that the Life & Style story is so inaccurate. We have busted the tabloid on numerous occasions for its false reports about Tomlinson and Jungwirth. Among the stories we have corrected was a totally inaccurate claim that the One Direction singer had “dumped” what the magazine termed his “pregnant girlfriend.” As Gossip Cop reported, Jungwirth was never his “girlfriend,” and therefore she was not “dumped.” The two are just friends. We also shot down the outlet’s untrue tale about Tomlinson being pressured to propose to Jungwirth, who never had any intentions on marrying the singer.


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