One Direction Fans Argue Over Trend Telling Louis Tomlinson To Stop Drinking

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Louis Tomlinson Stop Drinking Trend

By Shari Weiss |

Louis Tomlinson Stop Drinking Trend

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It’s only one day into 2016, but One Direction fans are already at odds. On Friday, Directioners began arguing after a hashtag telling Louis Tomlinson to stop drinking began trending both worldwide and in the United States.

Tomlinson was photographed partying in London this week and looking a little worse for the wear. A number of fans commented on his seemingly disheveled appearance on social media. And eventually, the phrase “#StopToDrinkLouisTakeCare” started being used.

Now One Direction supporters are fighting not just over the phrase’s poor grammar, but also its point. “Can we please just stop trending this hashtag, it’s making him look like an alcoholic,” wrote one fan. Another said, “1.this isn’t grammatically correct 2.why would you tell him to stop drinking you don’t know how much he drinks.” Someone else made multiple arguments, too, writing, “1) this hashtag doesn’t even make sense 2) stop assuming things about Louis 3) you can’t tell Louis how to live.”

A different individual encouraged, “#StopToDrinkLouisTakeCare makes him look like an alcoholic. #WeLoveYouLouisTakeCare shows that we care about him.” And plenty of people expressed concerned for the singer, such as the fan who tweeted, “I really hope louis starts to look after himself again he needs a well deserve rest sigh.” Another exclaimed, “PLEASE DON’T LET THIS SMILE FADE AWAY LOUIS. YOUR SMILE LIGHTENS UP THE WHOLE WORLD.”

Tomlinson, who turned 24 on Christmas Eve, is currently on One Direction’s hiatus, which began in December and is expected to last approximately 18 months. He is expecting a baby with friend Briana Jungwirth and is currently linked to actress Danielle Campbell, with whom he has been seen in both London and Chicago. Tomlinson has not commented on the trend, and it’s highly unlikely he will.


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