Louis Tomlinson Sister Lottie N-Word Video: 17-Year-Old Under Fire For Birthday Rap At Party With One Direction

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Louis Tomlinson Sister Lottie N-Word Video

By Shari Weiss |

Louis Tomlinson Sister Lottie N-Word Video

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Louis Tomlinson’s sister Lottie was caught on video using the N-word at her 17th birthday party, which was attended by the members of One Direction. If so inclined, see below.

Though not independently famous herself, Lottie (real name: Charlotte) is well-known among fans. She attended One Direction’s “GMA” concert in New York City on Tuesday morning, where fans serenaded her with “Happy Birthday.” At night, the guys all stepped out for her birthday party, and in the aftermath of the bash, footage surfaced of Lottie rapping a song and saying, “F*ck that n*gger.”

At the end of the clip, someone is heard yelling out, “You’re on the camera,” and there’s speculation the voice may belong to Tomlinson. The video is now going viral, and “Lottie” became a trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday morning. As some Directoners are sharing photos of the guys arriving and leaving the bash, many others are debating the offensiveness of Lottie’s rap, as well as the fact that she appears to be drinking while underage.

“Literally lottie you gotta shup up about that n word specially in the U S of A,” tweeted one fan. A different person argued, “People are going to get offended by Lottie saying the N word it doesn’t matter if it’s a rap song if youre not African American don’t say it.” Several even pointed out that this isn’t even the first time Lottie has been called out for such language, with one disappointed person writing, “I actually thought Lottie might’ve learned from the last time she sang the n-word, but I guess not.”

Others, however, were quick to point out that Lottie was singing along to a song, and not making a statement of her own. “Lottie isnt racist. She was rapping a song that had the n word in it. Quite frankly doesnt say anything about her own opinion,” wrote one defender. And in response to whether Tomlinson should be held responsible for his sister’s actions, one fan posted, “yall blaming lottie saying the n word on louis? she’s just dumb this isn’t on him she literally wore a bindi last week, this is all on her.” And yet another sad, “you are just as problematic as Lottie if you’re excusing her behavior as being young and drunk. the n word is inappropriate, plain & simple.”

Some others even wrote lengthy messages about why the actions of Tomlinson’s sister matter, even though she’s not the “celebrity” in the family. See below, and tell us what YOU think.


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