Louis Tomlinson Hounded By Paparazzi After Son’s Birth, Dodges Baby Name Questions (VIDEO)

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Louis Tomlinson Paparazzi Baby Birth Name

By Shari Weiss |

Louis Tomlinson Paparazzi Baby Birth Name

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Louis Tomlinson was hounded by paparazzi in Los Angeles on Friday, one day after he became a dad. See video below.

It’s not uncommon for Tomlinson to be trailed by photographers in both London and L.A. This time, however, it was just hours after baby mama Briana Jungwirth gave birth to their baby boy. Tomlinson was at the hospital for the delivery, but stepped out the next day for some apparent errands and R&R.

And naturally, a cameraman was hot on his tail. As Tomlinson walked down a Los Angeles street on his way to a sunglasses store, a photo asked, “One Direction going to stay together?” Unlike Liam Payne at LAX last week, Tomlinson opted not to answer the hot-button question.

And he stayed mum upon exiting the store when the paparazzo asked even bigger questions: “Have you decided on baby names yet? Excited to be dad? Think of any baby names?” As Tomlinson ignored the cameraman and tried to get to his waiting car, he had to lightly shove another photographer out of his way.

A woman could be heard yelling at the paparazzo, “Stop it,” after he knocked into her in his quest to snap the British star’s photo. It’s unclear how long Tomlinson plans to stay in L.A., though he and Jungwirth will be co-parenting. And whether the singer breaks his silence or not, he’ll likely have to keep contending with the paparazzi.


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