Louis Tomlinson Grandfather Keith Dies, #RIPKeith Trends On Twitter

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Louis Tomlinson grandfather

By Michael Lewittes |

Louis Tomlinson grandfather

(Twitter/Keith Tomlinson)

Louis Tomlinson’s grandfather Keith died, and now fans of the singer are expressing there condolences on Twitter. The sad news was announced by one of Tomlinson’s younger sisters Phoebe, who posted on Instagram, “RIP grandad Keith. You were so kind Grandad!!” The tremendous outpouring of love from fans quickly caused the hashtag #RIPKeith to trend worldwide. Read some of the reactions here from Twitter to the death of Tomlinson’s beloved grandfather Keith.

While Tomlinson has yet to comment on his grandfather’s passing, numerous fans tweeted their own thoughts, as well as quotes from Keith over the years. Like many Directioners, a fan named @maliksrevolt_ posted a screenshot of a 2014 tweet from Keith Tomlinson that read, “Don’t be sad. You want a record? Here’s one that will never be beaten. You were the first fans ever not to be called a fandom but a family :)” Others wrote more personal notes, like ‏@nouisnlove, who felt, “Now he’s in heaven taking care of us, let’s live happy and his soul will be happy too.”

“This is so sad he was such a nice person but hes in a better place now and always in our hearts,” expressed a person with the Twitter handle @_strawzarry. And like many other fans, @Dreamingstarz included a couple of pictures of Tomlinson as a little boy with his grandfather and then as a young man (above), along with her personal sympathies of “My thoughts are with Louis and his family at this tough time. We hope that they’re all holding up. #RIPKeith” And a user with the name @badsunnjh added, “He was the sweetest man ever he showed nothing but love & support to us and to Louis & the boys my thoughts are with his family#RIPKeith.”


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