Louis Tomlinson Did NOT Say “I’m Gay, It’s Pretty Unfortunate” (VIDEO)

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Louis Tomlinson Gay

By Shari Weiss |

Louis Tomlinson Gay

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Louis Tomlinson did NOT announce “I’m gay,” despite rumors dominating Twitter on Sunday. The singer and the rest of One Direction are in Australia for the On The Road Again tour, where Tomlinson was videotaped talking with a group of people at a hotel in Melbourne. Though the conversation isn’t entirely clear, many seem to be convinced Tomlinson said, “I’m gay. It’s pretty unfortunate.” Except, of course, that’s NOT what Tomlinson said at all. See video below.

Tomlinson and Liam Payne were talking to people outside the hotel elevator when it came up that one of the individual’s birthdays was on December 24, the same day as the singer, which he said was “unfortunate” since it’s Christmas Eve. A few people who were there took to Twitter to try to set the record straight. “Someone had said they have the same birthday as Louis, and he said ‘it’s pretty unfortunate’…not anything else, stop making up sh*t,” wrote one fan. She went on, “LOUIS DID NOT COME OUT, SOMEONE SAID THEIR BIRTHDAY WAS ON THE SAME DAY! Not gay, DAY!”

Another fan named Tyla even revealed that its her footage of Tomlinson that was wrongly captioned on YouTube to make it seem like Tomlinson had said he was gay. “I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY THAT LOUIS DID NOT SAY IT WAS ‘UNFORTUNATE FOR HIM TO BE GAY’ THEY HAD THE SAME Bday & ITS UNFORTUNATE! I WAS THERE,” she wrote. She further posted, “I feel like if I heard Louis say ‘I’m gay’ I would of reacted like everyone else is now but I heard with my own ears he did not say that.”

Tyla went on to complain, “I hate it how people that are in a different country are telling us what happened when I was the one that videoed it! Stop you weren’t there. The vine you have seen was videoed by me! I was there and everyone needs to stop changing the truth. HE DIDNT SAY IT AND THATS IT!”

Still, the conversation made “#ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate” a trending topic on Twitter worldwide on Sunday morning, with “#LouisWeLoveYouNoMatterWhat” also trending in the United States. Check out the original footage below.


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