Louis Tomlinson’s Dad Troy Austin Threatens To Expose “Bombshell” About One Direction Singer

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Louis Tomlinson dad bombshell secret

By Michael Lewittes |

Louis Tomlinson dad bombshell secret

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Louis Tomlinson’s absentee dad, Troy Austin, is pathetically threatening to reveal a “bombshell” about him, if the One Direction singer continues ignoring him. A source tells the Mirror that Austin has been saying he’s ready “throw a grenade into things,” if his famous multimillionaire son doesn’t let him back into his life.

Tomlinson hasn’t spoken for years to Austin, who split with the singer’s mom when he was just five years old. In fact, the One Direction star has had so little to do with his biological father that he took his stepdad’s last name Tomlinson.

Suddenly, though, Austin now wants to fix their broken relationship. And if the petulant pop doesn’t get what he wants, says the British tabloid’s source, “He will drop the bombshell… even though it would come as a massive shock.” The paper’s source adds, “He knows it could cause another big rift within the family but is ­starting to feel he has nothing left to lose.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Tomlinson himself is going to be a dad. The singer and Los Angeles-based stylist Briana Jungwirth are expecting a baby together.

The Mirror quotes Austin as saying, “I’d like to be involved in my grandchild’s life… I’ve missed out on Louis’s life and I’d like to make up for that.” Austin further tells the tabloid, “I’d hate to think of him ­having the sort of relationship with his child that we have had.”

First off, what kind of dad tries to repair a relationship with his kid by threatening to expose a “bombshell” about his son, who he’s had nothing to do with for years? And no matter how supposedly desperate Austin alleges he wants to make peace with Tomlinson, why would he make those disgusting threats public in a newspaper? Also, while Austin says he would hate to think that Tomlinson would have “the sort of relationship with his child that we have had,” chances are the One Direction singer will not, precisely because of the hurt he experienced growing up.

Gossip Cop suggests Austin spends less time making vile threats against his son in British tabloids, and more time thinking about why his son has legitimate reason for not wanting anything to do with him.


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