Louis Tomlinson NOT “Banned” From Delivery Room As Briana Jungwirth Gave Birth To Son, Despite Report

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Louis Tomlinson Banned Delivery Room

By Shari Weiss |

Louis Tomlinson Banned Delivery Room


Louis Tomlinson was NOT “banned” from the delivery room as Briana Jungwirth gave birth to their son, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim.

Picking up a story from The Sun, HollywoodLife alleges Tomlinson “had a nasty fight with his former flame’s mother — and it was just before his son was born.” According to the webloid, which clearly runs with rumors without bothering to fact-check, while Jungwirth “was in labor, her mother reportedly banned the singer from the delivery room and he nearly missed his son’s birth!”

The site quotes the British tabloid’s “source” as saying, “Briana’s mother Tammi went berserk at him in the hospital. He spent a lot of the time she was in labor sat in his car, because Tammi wouldn’t let him near Briana.” But what allegedly caused the “heated argument,” as HollywoodLies puts it?

“He’s looked after her very well but Tammi feels it’s not enough. They are trying to work out a custody deal,” the “source” says of Tomlinson. Conveniently HollywoodLife notes, “Thankfully, everyone calmed down just when the baby was about to arrive, and Louis was able to come back into the delivery to see his son’s big debut.”

Of course, it’s not surprising the site rushed to regurgitate the sensational allegations rather than taking the time to find out first whether they were even true. The bad blog did the same thing last year when it falsely claimed Jungwirth was spotted at a Vancouver One Direction concert when she actually never left the States. And once again, HollywodLife made the wrong choice.

A rep for Tomlinson flat-out denies The Sun report, specifically stating that the British star stayed by Jungwirth’s side in the delivery room throughout the labor. If only the two outlets could now be banned from giving birth to falsehoods.

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Louis Tomlinson was banned from the delivery room as his son was born.


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