Louis C.K., Kevin Hart ‘Today’ Show Interview On ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ (VIDEO)

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Louis CK Kevin Hart Today Show Interview

By Andrew Shuster |


Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart appeared on Monday’s “Today” show to discuss their new animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets, what they admire about each other’s stand-up comedy and more. Watch the full interview below!

The two comics were surrounded by several dogs for their interview about the film, which shows what pets really do when their owners leave the house each day. “Ever since doing this movie, I refuse to not be with at least five dogs at a time,” joked Hart. C.K. voices a terrier named Max, who he described as a “New Yorker who lives in a big place of chaos, but wants to just be in his apartment and be left alone with the people he loves.” The actor-comedian noted, “And that’s what most New Yorkers are like. They’re living in the most social place in the world, but they really just want to be left alone.”

As for Hart, he plays a seemingly adorable bunny named Snowball, who’s actually the leader of an army of abandoned pets seeking revenge on humanity. “He comes off real cute and cuddly, but he’s the complete opposite,” Hart said about his character. “He’s a militant bunny that’s starting a revolution against people.”

C.K. next talked about the possibility of returning for a sixth season of his popular FX show “Louie,” which hasn’t been on the air for more than a year. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “If I sit down and write it, then we’ll make it. But I’m not gonna force it.” The comedian explained, “I don’t want to make a bad season of ‘Louie.’ So someday, if I sit down and I manage to write a whole other season, then I’ll certainly make it.” Hart then chimed in, “This is why I’ve taken it upon myself to write the next season of ‘Louie.’ We’re gonna change it to ‘Kouie.'”

Of course, both C.K. and Hart are two of the most accomplished stand-ups working today. “Louie has a very clever way of talking about his life,” Hart said about his friend’s routine. “When he performs, I know him.” Hart added, “You can only applaud and respect somebody who has the ability to take subjects that you would never think to make funny and make them brilliant, not just funny.” C.K. expressed mutual respect for Hart as well, saying, “He’s a great storyteller. He puts it all out there, and he’s very generous to his audience. And he’s just funny.” Watch the full “Today” show interview below!


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