Louis C.K. On ‘Howard Stern’: My New Show Put Me Millions In Debt (AUDIO)

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Louis CK Howard Stern Show 2016

By Andrew Shuster |

Louis CK Howard Stern Show 2016

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Louis C.K. revealed on Monday’s “Howard Stern Show” that his new web series, “Horace and Pete,” has put him millions of dollars in debt. Listen to audio from the interview below!

C.K.’s new show, which stars him and Steve Buscemi as co-owners of an Irish bar, was released online in late January without any prior notice or promotion. Each episode is priced randomly, costing between $2 and $5 to view, and available to purchase on the comedian’s official website. The comedian told Stern that he has no backers on the experimental project, and personally spent $2 million to make it through his own production company. “It will hurt, and it will leave me with no cushion in life, but I’m willing to do that,” C.K. told Stern about self-financing the show. “I’ll go on the road [doing stand-up] afterwards, and I’ll make it back.”

As far as why he didn’t initially promote the series, C.K. explained, “I got so excited about having the show appear from nothing. So I made the first four, and I didn’t tell nobody and it made a nice little amount of money.” But the comedian then noted, “When I got to episode four, I was like, ‘Hey gang, I don’t have any money.’ So I had to take out a line of credit.”

C.K. went on to admit he’s “millions of dollars in debt right now,” which is why he’s finally decided to properly promote the series. “I did Jimmy Kimmel… The sales exploded,” the comic revealed, before telling Stern, “So now you’re gonna help me sell copies of this show.” C.K. also noted he’s booked upcoming appearances on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” and “Charlie Rose,” adding, “I’m gonna hit hard like I would never promote it before… By the summer, the whole show would have paid itself off.”

The comedian also explained to Stern that if he had went to investors for money, as opposed to reaching into his own pocket, he couldn’t have made a show “where when you’re watching it, you don’t know what’s gonna happen.” C.K. added, “You don’t know when you’re gonna see another one. You don’t know who’s in it. You don’t know anything… I think it’s the best thing I ever did.” Listen below to audio from C.K.’s “Howard Stern Show” interview!


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