‘The Lost City Of Z’ Trailer: Robert Pattinson, Charlie Hunnam Journey Into Amazon

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Lost City Of Z Trailer Robert Pattinson

By Andrew Shuster |

Lost City Of Z Trailer Robert Pattinson

(Amazon Studios)

Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson star in The Lost City of Z, an upcoming action-adventure movie about 20th century explorers journeying into the Amazon. Watch the film’s first teaser trailer below!

The movies tells the true story of 1920’s British explorer Percy Fawcett (Hunnam), who discovers evidence of unknown civilizations that may have once inhabited the jungles of the Amazon. Pattinson co-stars as Henry Costin, a fellow explorer who joins Fawcett in his travels. But in addition to their new discoveries, Fawcett and Costin also find hostility from the tribal natives looking to protect their land from unknown visitors. The supporting cast also includes Sienna Miller and Tom Holland, who play Hunnam’s wife and son, respectively.

Brad Pitt was once attached in the lead role, but he instead serves as the film’s producer. In the director’s chair is James Gray, who was also behind We Own the Night and The Immigrant. As Gossip Cop reported, The Lost City of Z premiered at the New York Film Festival in October, where Pattinson and the rest of the cast were on hand to walk the red carpet. The movie opens in New York and Los Angeles on April 14, 2017 before expanding wide the following week. Watch the first teaser trailer below!


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