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Lori Loughlin is currently in the Federal Correctional Institution in California serving her months-long sentence for the college admissions scandal. One tabloid has done the math and says she’ll be spending Christmas in prison. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Christmas Behind Bars!’

According to New Idea, Loughlin is being forced to miss holidays as she serves her time. Sources tell the tabloid that the Fuller House star “won’t be released early unless there’s a coronavirus outbreak,” which means “she’s set to spend Christmas behind bars.”

A source says that “being locked up during Thanksgiving and Christmas is really messing with Lori’s head.” She has apparently “made outrageous requests” as a result, including a private cell and an early release due to COVID-19. However, she will “be treated the same as any other inmate,” the insider reports. The article concludes by saying that “she’s now living a nightmare.”

Loughlin's Future Is Still Unclear

We won’t know if Loughlin is in jail on Christmas until, well, Christmas. However, more reputable publications like ET are reporting that she could actually get an early release. When Felicity Huffman served her sentence for the college admission scandal, she was released a few days early because the end of the sentence happened to fall on a Sunday.

Loughlin is set to be released on December 27, which happens to be a Sunday. It wouldn’t that much of a surprise for the prison to release her early both to keep her from staying an extra day and so she’d spend Christmas at home. What this tabloid does not say is that prison is only part of Loughlin’s sentence, as she’ll still be under supervision for years after getting out.

Other Lousy Stories From This Tabloid

The college admissions scandal made Loughlin a very easy target, which explains why so many tabloids have targeted her with bogus stories. Ahead of her prison trip, the National Enquirer said she was heading to the brutal place known as Methville, USA, while Life & Style reported the exact opposite: She was supposedly going to a luxury prison. Tabloids just want to kick Loughlin while she’s down and will contort stories to say she’s either suffering or not suffering enough

It’s also worth noting that New Idea does not have a good record when it comes to jails and prisons. It recently claimed that Angelina Jolie was being “dragged to jail” because she was stalling court proceedings too much. It also said that Meghan Markle had been arrested in California, but neither Markle nor Jolie have spent any time in 2020 in custody. This tabloid just knows how salacious prison sounds and isn’t afraid to make stories up.

Gossip Cop doesn’t know where Loughlin will be on December 25. Loughlin likely doesn’t know where she’ll be on December 25, and that makes us doubt anything coming from the tabloid. As things currently stand, Loughlin may miss Christmas, but it remains to be seen.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.


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