Rumors About Lori Loughlin’s Possible Prison Time

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Lori Loughlin in a blue dress speaking into a microphone

By Hugh Scott |

Lori Loughlin in a blue dress speaking into a microphone

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Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have yet to go to trial for their role in the college admissions cheating scandal, but the tabloids are already pushing false narratives about her potential prison sentence. The spouses face up to 45 years if found guilty of the multiple charges against them, including fraud and money laundering. The actress is one of the most highest-profile names in the college admissions scandal that has snared dozens of wealthy parents, which is the reason the tabloids make up so many stories about her particular situation.

Loughlin and Giannulli are accused of paying Rick Singer $500,000 to help facilitate their daughter’s admission into the University of Southern California. Fellow actress Felicity Huffman was also caught in the scandal and pleaded guilty earlier this year, then served 11 days of a 14-day sentence in federal prison in October. Loughlin and Giannulli almost certainly face a harsher penalty if convicted, though experts expect the sentence will be closer to two or three years, rather than the maximum sentence.

Gossip Cop has followed the case closely and has debunked numerous false stories about the couple. One reoccurring trope has surrounded Loughlin’s possible prison time. Various outlets have published untrue articles in the last few months that have been busted by Gossip Cop. These are a few of the times we’ve set the record straight.

In September, Life & Style published a silly report claiming Loughlin and Giannulli were renewing their vows in anticipation of prison. The magazine said the spouses were “terrified at the idea of not being able to speak to each other if convicted and incarcerated,” and were therefore, “renewing their vows to make themselves feel more secure before facing the unknown.” Gossip Cop checked with our source close to the couple, who confirmed the story was false. The couple had no plans to renew their vows. Drawing attention to themselves is not what they are trying to do as they face their trial.

Just a week later, Life & Style’s sister publication, the Globe, went a completely different direction by alleging Loughlin was turning on her husband to get a plea deal. According to the phony report, the Fuller House star was blaming her husband for the couple’s legal predicament. The outlet quoted a supposed insider as saying, “Lori is furious at Mossimo because she believes they would have gotten the same kind of leniency that Felicity received if they owned up to the charges.” The ridiculous story was, of course, untrue. Loughlin and Giannulli have remained united amid their legal troubles, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time.

A week after that, the National Enquirer erroneously reported Loughlin was planning to turn her prison experience into a book and a movie. The tabloid asserted that she stood to make millions by doing so. The entire premise was ridiculous, as Loughlin is focused on the case and not a book or movie deal about her possible prison stint. That idea alone would essentially admit guilt, which isn’t something she’d do before going to trial. Gossip Cop doubled checked with our source close to the situation, who confirmed that the story was bogus.

Earlier this month, the Globe published another phony report claiming Loughlin was planning to flee the country to avoid prison. The wild story alleged that the actress was ready to live a life on the lam and was researching possible destinations to do so. It was a story ripped straight from the pages of a bad spy novel, and a source close to Loughlin found it as absurd as we did. With the trial not expected until next year, there will almost certainly be more of these laughable articles. Gossip Cop is ready to correct them when the tabloids invent them.


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