Since being caught up in last year's college admissions bribery scandal, Lori Loughlin has been the subject of many outrageous articles from tabloids trying to cash in on the buzz. Loughlin has pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and will not begin her trial for several months, yet some tabloids have taken it upon themselves to invent wild rumors about her (currently hypothetical) upcoming prison time. Gossip Cop has debunked many of them as completely bogus. Here are just a few.

In November of last year, the National Enquirer printed a story about Loughlin faking illness to avoid prison. A "source" told the unreliable tabloid that the actress was "talking about constant headaches and stomach cramps, which she's saying are the result of internal bleeding and organ failure." Unidentified "other sources" added that these complaints were "a plot to get sympathy to avoid a stiff sentence."

Again, to be clear, their trial hadn't even begun at the time, and an official date would not be established until the end of January. The tabloid had no idea what it was talking about. Obviously Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli believed they could fight the charges, or they would have pleaded guilty. A source close to Loughlin also told Gossip Cop off the record that the theory was "total nonsense."

A week later, the Enquirer was back with a claim that Loughlin was hiding her money ahead of her trial out of fear for her family's finances. And by that, we don't mean that she was transferring assets to an offshore account - the tabloid suggested that she was literally taking millions of dollars in cash and hiding it in actual physical "hidey-holes." The claim was utterly laughable. Gossip Cop's source assured us that it was just one more in a stream of "continuous nonsense" from the tabloid.

In late December, Loughlin was said to be learning martial arts to prep for prison, according to a silly report by - who else? - the National Enquirer. This time, the alleged insider said that Loughlin was "resigning herself to the reality that she may be doing some serious time" and is "learning martial arts to make sure nobody messes with her." Gossip Cop dismissed the story as untrue. If Loughlin was really "resigned" to hard time she would have looked for a plea deal instead of going to trial. The story was obviously bogus.

A few days after that, the Globe ran its own story about Lori Loughlin, claiming that she had asked her Full House co-star John Stamos to look after her daughters if she and Gianulli ended up behind bars. "She feels Olivia Jade and Bella need looking after and who better to do it than her TV husband John?" The tabloid goes on to say that Loughlin's children will need "someone to watch over them and oversee their monthly allowance." This was a truly absurd thing to say. As Gossip Cop pointed out, Loughlin's children are 20 and 21 years old, and while they may be close with Stamos, the idea that he would take charge of their finances and distribute their allowance, just because he played her TV husband, was ludicrous.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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