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For her role in the college admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin was sentenced to two months in prison. As if to spark outrage, one tabloid says that she’s actually going to a luxury prison. Gossip Cop examines the report.

‘Pilates And Brunch’ In Prison For Lori Loughlin

According to Life & Style, Loughlin may have a grand old time in prison. Sources say she will “still be living large behind bars.” The Victorville prison she’s been sentenced to “offers plentiful music lessons, arts and crafts, and more.” If she’s not making art, she can “maintain her fit physique with Pilates, yoga, and spinning class.” She’s not, as one source put is, “slumming it like most criminals.”

Federal Correctional Institution Victorville, which is one of the two prisons under the Federal Correctional Complex Victorville, will serve brunch on weekends with “a proper dress code and everything.” Don't prisons usually have dress codes at all times? Still, the outlet says the cozy institution has upset some. Loughlin was allegedly allowed to “select the prison where she’ll serve,” with sources saying that “she chose well.” Even friends of the actress told the tabloid that “she is getting off lightly.”

Conflicting Reports Over Prison Conditions

The National Enquirer, a former sister magazine of Life & Style, ran a very different story Gossip Cop busted about FCC Victorville. It called the town Methville and said Loughlin would need to toughen up if she was going to survive her stay. It looks like the tabloids are just trying out different angles on the prison, with one story arguing that it’ll be dangerous and now this one where it sounds like a vacation.

Prison is prison. Loughlin got fewer months than many expected, but the tabloid implies that she’s willingly going to prison so she can do yoga. It's a prison. Even the nicest prison is still a prison where you don't have much of a choice in the length of your stay. FCC Victorville has a minimum security section for women on site, which is where Loughlin will go. Is it going to be like Oz? Probably not. Is it going to be pleasant? Probably not.

The Tabloid Is Shifting Tactics

We’ve busted this tabloid for claiming that Loughlin would go to prison for ten years. That story came out long before sentencing happened and was, of course, totally false. Once again, the gossip media seems to be just trying out different tactics to describe Loughlin’s prison sentence; in one story, it’s a cozy stay, and in another, it’s a grueling decade behind bars.

Life & Style clearly has no insight into Loughlin’s life or legal situation at all. It claimed she and husband Mossimo Giannulli were going to get divorced over the scandal, but the two just bought a new mansion together. In another attempt to stoke outrage, it reported that Loughlin was “not sorry” and felt she did nothing wrong in the Varsity Blues scandal. While it’s true Loughlin won’t receive the kind of treatment that less wealthy criminals without good lawyers would receive, it's not like she committed a violent crime and needed to be locked away from society.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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