“Live With Kelly” Halloween Video 2016: Kelly Ripa As Donald Trump, Hamilton

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Live With Kelly Halloween Video 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Live With Kelly Halloween Video 2016

(Andy Cohen/Instagram)

The 2016 “Live With Kelly” Halloween show had Kelly Ripa in costume as Donald Trump, Hamilton, and more. Watch below!

This year’s edition of the annual holiday show was called “Decision 2016.” In one segment, Andy Cohen appeared as the host of “First Family Feud,” moderating as the Trump and Clinton families faced-off. Ripa’s Trump promised to “make game shows great again,” and she also portrayed Melania Trump. Co-host Jerry O’Donnell initially appeared as Hillary Clinton, but also took on Bill as well. There were jokes about email servers and walls, as well as some on-stage stalking.

But Ripa and O’Connell donned MANY other costumes, too. In fact, the show started with a Hamilton parody. One of the hit musical’s songs was reworked as a tribute to Ripa, with help from Corbin Bleu and Matt Bomer. Keeping with the “decision” theme, Anderson Cooper gave a news broadcast about wannabe Spice Girls (Ripa and O’Connell, natch) competing to join the girl group.

Another sketch had Ripa taking inspiration from Negan on “The Walking Dead” to pick her next co-host. Christian Slater cameoed, as did Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. There was also “Live In Paradise,” a “Bachelor” spoof with Jussie Smollett, Neil Patrick Harris, and yes, Chris Harrison. That bit had stars insisting they wanted to be Ripa’s co-host for the “right reasons.”

Later in the show, Ripa and O’Donnell took on the Pokémon Go craze, and guest Kevin James came out as Mets player Noah Syndergaard. Other spoofs included “Mr. Robot,” “Haunted House Hunters,” and “Cake By The Ocean.” Check out the videos below!


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