Little Girl Maisie Gregory Gives Queen Elizabeth Flowers, Gets Smacked In The Face – WATCH VIDEO

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Little Girl Smacked Face Queen

By Michael Lewittes |

Little Girl Smacked Face Queen

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Maisie Gregory, an adorable six-year-old, was given the honor of presenting Queen Elizabeth with flowers at an official event in Wales on Thursday, but no sooner had the cute little blonde curtsied before Her Majesty did she receive a massive smack to the face by an army officer. It was an accident, and Gregory is fine, though she was initially stunned by the blow. See the video below.

Dressed in a traditional red Welsh dress and a black bonnet, Gregory was chosen to present the monarch with a bouquet of flowers before the Queen left an event at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. As practiced, Gregory approached the Queen, curtsied, and handed Her Majesty the flowers. The Queen reportedly told Gregory she looked “very pretty” and said “God Bless.”

But as the royal left the venue to get into her awaiting car, an overly enthusiastic lance corporal raised his right hand to salute the Queen, and ended up smacking Gregory in the face so hard that the little girl’s bonnet flew off her head. Thankfully, the young girl was fine afterwards. The officer apologized to Gregory, who’s father, Regimental Sergeant Major Martin Gregory, earlier led a parade of soldiers for Her Majesty. Check out the video below of Maisie Gregory meeting Queen Elizabeth and then getting hit in the face right afterwards by an army officer.


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