Lisa Marie Presley, Nicolas Cage Back Together Claim NOT True

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Lisa Marie Presley Back Together Nicolas Cage

By Michael Lewittes |

Lisa Marie Presley Back Together Nicolas Cage

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Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage are not giving their romance “another shot,” despite a new magazine report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim that they’re getting back together, which was made in one of this week’s tabloids. We’re told it’s not true that they’re reuniting.

According to the National Enquirer, “Now that she’s split from husband number four, Lisa Marie Presley wants hubby number three back.” The tabloid claims after Presley filed for divorce from Michael Lockwood, she beelined to newly single Cage. A so-called “insider” tells the magazine, “Lisa Marie and Nic have both regretted what happened to them… They want a do-over.”

Rather than offering any more proof other than the questionable quote above, the publication just regurgitates how Cage recently split from his wife Alice Kim, as well as comments he and Presley made in the past about how during their brief marriage they didn’t “mesh” and were volatile enough to “knock each other off.” And then at the end of its article, the tabloid claims its supposed “source” said, “Lockwood mentioned in the past how he believed that Lisa still pined for Nic.”

While weird and somewhat romantic in a way, the story and it’s quotes seem to have been made up. A rep for Cage exclusively assures Gossip Cop the tale about him getting back together with Presley is not true at all.

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Lisa Marie Presley and Nicholas Cage are back together.


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