Lionel Richie Thinks Katy Perry’s A Diva?

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Lionel Richie Katy Perry Diva

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Lionel Richie Katy Perry Diva

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A report claims Lionel Richie and Katy Perry aren’t getting along behind the scene of “American Idol,” and he thinks the pop star is a “diva.” But is it true? Gossip Cop can separate fact from fiction.

The story in question can be found in the current edition of the National Enquirer, under the punny headline, “Lionel Co-Star Katy’s Three Times A Diva!” The title, of course, is a play off of Richie and The Commodores’ 1978 hit, “Three Times A Lady.” The supermarket tabloid asserts in the accompanying article, which is rather brief, that “tensions are running high” between Perry and Richie when “the ABC reboot hasn’t even aired yet.” Well, of course it hasn’t aired yet. They and third judge Luke Bryan need to film the auditions first, which is what they are in the process of currently doing.

Anyway, a so-called “snitch” alleges to the gossip magazine that Richie has to “wait around for Katy Perry and change his entire schedule so it fits with hers. Lionel was treated like one of the backup singers and wasn’t happy… Things are going to get worse.” Yet the outlet fails to mention any specific incidents, and though it’s said “tensions” are “high” between them, nothing is said about how Perry supposedly feels. The report, as short as it is, is only from Richie’s supposed point of view.

Here’s what Gossip Cop knows: Perry was the first judge to sign on to the “American Idol” revival, and producers hired her earlier this year even while knowing that she would be going on tour this fall. That meant they would have to set the schedule for “Idol” tapings around her concert series and any other professional obligations she would need time to fulfill. In contrast, Richie and Bryan only officially came on board days before filming commenced, when the production timeline was already hammered out to a large extent.

So it makes sense that Richie and Bryan would have to adapt to whatever was previously arranged when Perry was hired. That doesn’t make the songstress a “diva.” It’s simply the way things worked out. And if Richie wasn’t happy with the scheduling, or even not pleased with how Perry’s already-established large paycheck would affect his, he didn’t have to sign on to the program. But he did, which indicates that he is willing to show flexibility for the sake of the big opportunity that is being part of the “Idol” reboot, and the cons don’t outweigh the pros for him.

Gossip Cop is also told by production sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, that the judges have spent limited amounts of time together so far, making it impossible for any real feud to develop. And while Richie and Perry may not end up the best of friends as they get to know each other more, just days ago he led a toast in honor of her birthday, as seen in a picture shared on Instagram by “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest (also above), while the “American Idol” Instagram account shared video showing Richie giving Perry a kiss. And that’s not all. Richie hmself also made his own Instagram post for Perry’s birthday, telling her, “Wishing you a year full of ‘Fireworks.'”

And in another post, Richie wrote, “Celebrating @katyperry’s Bday with the Idol Fam & Nugget,” referring to her dog. Something tells us he wouldn’t have taken the time to make multiple social media tributes for someone he’s feuding with and thinks is a “diva.”

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