Lindsey Vonn STD Story False

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Lindsey Vonn STD

By Shari Weiss |

Lindsey Vonn STD

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Lindsey Vonn is not suffering from an STD, nor is Tiger Woods in any danger, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

MediaTakeOut blares in a headline, “YIKES!! Tiger Woods EX-GIRLFRIEND Lindsay Vonn Has MYSTERY BUMPS… In Her PRIVATE AREA!!! (We Hope Tiger Ain’t CATCH THAT.)” It’s said in the accompanying story, “Tiger Woods was MADLY in love with Olympian Lindsey Vonn for almost a year. There was even talk of the two getting married. But that ever happened. Check out that SITUATION that Lindsay has going on between her legs. We’re no doctors, but that looks CONTAGIOUS!!”

No, the staff at MTO are NOT doctors, which is why the site resorted to posting paparazzi photos of Vonn sunbathing, and then jumped to conclusions about what the pictures do or don’t show. The two pics in question feature the skier on her stomach with her rear in the air, as she turns over on a lounge chair. She’s wearing a thong bikini bottom, and has two small marks on the back of her thigh.

This is what the site is supposedly concerned about. One of its own commenters wrote in response, “Damn Mto, get outta the bìtch’s azz.” Another said, “Such an invasion of privacy!! And then accuse her of having an STD….media is so reckless.” A different individual posted, “MTO will lie about ANYTHING to get people to click on their raggedy ass links! those are NOTHING related to an STD.”

“Bitch” remark aside, Gossip Cop agrees with the commentary. Vonn is not suffering from an STD, and it’s wrong of MediaFakeOut to put such dubious speculation out there. It’s also ridiculous to bring Woods into it, when he and Vonn split more than a year ago.

And the webloid couldn’t even get the length of their relationship right. Vonn and Woods dated for more than two years, not “almost a year.” Vonn’s first name is also misspelled in the headline and the article. When you can’t even get basic facts correct, you can’t be trusted to be accurate on anything else.

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