Lindsay Lohan “The View” Video – Watch Interview!

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Lindsay Lohan The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Lindsay Lohan The View Video


Lindsay Lohan was interviewed in a pre-taped segment broadcast on Monday’s “The View.” Watch below.

Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the interview by noting that Lohan has become an activist. “I was in Turkey and saw everything that was going on with a lot of the kids,” she shared, explaining how she wants to “bring attention in a positive way” to children in the Muslim country. “You just see that they have this light inside of them,” the actress said, despite many of them being victims of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Of criticism she received for being photographed holding the Quran, Lohan insisted, “I think everyone’s free to study whatever the want… I don’t think you should be judged on who you are by holding a book.” Sunny Hostin then asked the former child star what she’s learned from growing up in Hollywood.

Lohan said, “Everything moves so fast when you’re in the industry, and people grow up so quickly… You have to just always remember to slow down and just really sit and look at what you have and where you want to go with that, because the pace goes so fast in the Hollywood industry.”

She went on to admit, “My mother would always tell me to come home, and I never listened. I should’ve come home to New York, but I was staying in L.A. You just have to really take your time with things and find what makes you happy at the end of the day. It’s not always the ‘materialistic’ things that are going to be there for you in the end.”

Sara Haines wanted to know if Lohan had any advice for those who have also battled addiction. “I can’t speak for anyone,” she replied, but added, “I found spirituality and that really drives me.” She also revealed she made a “mind map, when I turned 30, of what I want in the next 10 years.” And that includes continuing her film career.

Currently, though, Lohan is working on a project called “Nerd,” in which she “hijacks” someone’s social media for 24 hours, and has them complete challenges to win money for charity. Of course, Lohan was also asked about a possible Mean Girls sequel. “I went to ‘SNL’ the other day, and I was like harassing Lorne [Michaels]… I think they’re smart with timing. So when the time is right,” she said. Check out the full interview below!

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