Lindsay Lohan Dresses Up Like Murder Victim Sharon Tate On Charles Manson Birthday (PHOTO)

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Lindsay Lohan Sharon Tate Charles Manson

By Andrew Shuster |

Lindsay Lohan Sharon Tate Charles Manson


Lindsay Lohan posted an Instagram photo on Thursday of herself dressed up like Sharon Tate, the actress who was murdered by members of the Manson family in 1969. Even more peculiar is that her homage happens to fall on Charles Manson’s birthday. See a larger version of the picture below.

In her photo, Lohan is wearing high boots, short shorts, and a flowery top that displays her midriff. She tagged the shot with captions including, “#cancer meets #AQUARIUS,” “I LOVE SHARON TATE, “#themeLOOK” and “#hippieWINTERCHIC.”

It’s hard to say if the costume is Lohan’s way of honoring Tate or if she’s unaware that it’s Manson’s 81st birthday. Either way, it still comes off as kind of creepy.

Some of Lohan’s Instagram followers are confused as well. One person wrote, “How tacky…Sharon Tate was brutally murdered.” Another user agreed, saying, “Sharon Tate died a tragic death. Is there ANYTHING you won’t do for attention?” And another follower added, “Awfully tacky and ignorant lol wow.” On the other hand, there were several commenters who insisted that the actress’s outfit looked great.

Check out Lindsay Lohan channeling Sharon Tate in the photo below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

Lindsay Lohan Sharon Tate Charles Manson



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